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Kraut Space Magic


Image of Kraut Space Magic
  • Image of Kraut Space Magic
  • Image of Kraut Space Magic

There is a story from the 80s, wherein Germany had a tough decision to make. Either they could work to reunite the East and West, or they could make the G-11 work.

They chose to tear down the wall.

What could have been, right? But fear not, for you can still get your hands on an embroidered picture of that wunderbar prototype that was never meant to be, the gun that truly is Kraut Space Magic, the HK G-11.

*Note: This patch will not help you disassemble, reassemble, clean, handle, or otherwise understand the G-11's mysterious inner workings. Only the gods and HK know how it works.


We now also offer special HK Kraut Astronaut patches that have been OPSEC'd to prevent any companies that think we suck and hate us from sending lawyers or worse, Germans, after us here at Merlin's Magical Merrows.

Big thanks to The Kraut for getting this together, I'd have hated to have to spend HK money on a patch just for folks on a Mongolian underwater basket weaving forum.