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Kek flag

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Do you fight for memes? Have you ever wanted to wave the flag of proud shitposters everywhere? Then gear up, internet soldier, it's time to wear the Kekistani flag proudly on the most intense battlefield on Earth: in your mother's basement, shitposting on 4chan.

Now move out, and show those shills what memes can do.

NEW LIMITED EDITION: 100 ultra-rare Gilded Kekistani flags with tasteful golden border up for grabs, with one hand made felt Pepe (made by a genuine $100% real waifu) in the mix. Grab one today, and remember to thank the wonderful Anon who suggested it.

"This patch will increase the size of your epeen by up 200% docters hate him" - Dig Boss, Internet Memeologist at University of /pol/ Sciences

*Note: does not protect against bait, traps, or being v&.