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Shipping FAQ

When do you ship?

About one or twice a month, depending on how many orders I get. I don't like getting everything out for a few orders, so I let them pile up and send them out in a big batch.

Do you provide tracking?

Only when I absolutely have to.

When are you going to answer my email about if an item shipped?

Probably the day I'm packing the current batch of orders. 

Did my order ship yet?

Well, did you get an email saying it shipped, or a reply from me dating basically that? No? Then it hasn't shipped yet or my store is being a fuck again, either way I'm sorry.

Why are you so lazy/unprofessional?

Because this isn't my job, it's barely a hobby anymore. I just wanted to make fun patches for cool anons, but the threads are big gay and everyone is just another Kyle at this point, so I'm fairly out of fucks to give. The current state of the threads makes me understand why Wood left to sell on FB, at least those mouth breathers are appreciative and mostly positive, even if they suck for getting good criticism.

You're a piece of shit and should just close your shop already.

1. Not a question, 2. Yes I am, 3. I only stay open to spite you people and to serve the small handful of actually good anons, 4. If I'm so trash, why can't you do better?