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Image of LWA

You ever wished you could be a cute anime girl who goes to a school for magic and gets to save the world and stuff?

No? Just me? Ok, well, either way, I'm sure we can all appreciate the YAY-est anime about magical girls, and so I present to you the Little Witch Academia patch collection! This group includes:

1x Luna Nova heart patch, to best show off your (fantasy) school pride

1x Shiny Chariot heart patch, so all can see your believing heart and its magic

1x Sucy heart patch, to show off you love for the magic mushroom queen of poisons

1x Constanze heart patch, so all of the wizard world knows your waifu can shoot down dragons with an RPG

Or, should you have but one heart in mind, you can buy that one individually.

Remember, a believing heart may be your magic, but we only accept cash or credit here. Or you can send me ~ 1 GB of cute LWA pictures, that may get you something.

Big thanks to HeartPatch for designing each of these hearts.